Shrink Film

What shrink film are you using at present?

Polyolefin or PVC shrink wrap. Generally, PVC shrink wrap has been very significantly superceded by Polyolefin shrink film, due to its improved strength, optics, and cleanliness.

Could I change from polyolefin shrink film to PVC shrink wrap?

Once a user is successfully running polyolefin shrink film, there is almost no reason why there would be a substitution by PVC shrink film.

Why would I stay with PVC shrink film?

Your shrink wrap equipment – this is the most important determinant in staying with PVC shrink film, which is the easiest shrink film to seal and shrink.

In contrast, polyolefin shrink wrap requires better airflow and temperature control to achieve a satisfactory shrink result.

It may be that your shrink wrapping equipment is not designed to run polyolefin shrink wrap. Your instruction manual should advise if your shrink wrapping machinery is suitable for polyolefin shrink film.
Your pack – PVC shrink wrap has low shrink force so if your pack is very flexible, it may be that there is no alternative.
Ease of use – if you have relatively low demand, and your application does not call for the film to exhibit significant strength, PVC shrink film is a logical choice.

Why would I move from PVC to polyolefin shrink wrap?

Film strength – polyolefin shrink wrap seals are stronger as is polyolefin in terms of puncture and tear resistance, and low temperature flexibility.
PVC shrink film loses strength proportionally as ambient temperature drops.
Cleanliness – PVC shrink wrap creates carbon deposits on sealing wires and blades which need regular cleaning. In addition, the sealing process will produce small quantities of hydrogen chloride, which will cause the equipment to rust over time. It should be noted that adequate ventilation must be provided when – any – shrink film is used

I am using PVC shrink wrap film and I wish to continue using PVC.

Please use our online shrink film guide to establish the specification of your shrink film.

Should I use Standard Polyolefin shrink wrap or Low Shrink Polyolefin?

This will depend upon you pack. Most packs can be wrapped in standard Polyolefin shrink film, but packs that are liable to distort, for example thin, flexible packs, may be better to suited to a Low Shrink film. You can contact us if you are not sure.

What is the difference between Shrink Wrap and LLDPE hand pallet wrap?
Shrinkstore's rolls of LLDPE hand pallet wrap can be used in manufacturing, transportation and distribution processes. This low cost stretch wrap secures packs, cartons or irregularly shaped loads onto a pallet ready for logistics companies to distribute.

Buying Shrink Wrap Online

How do I place an order to buy shrink film?

We are an online business and you should place all orders for shrink wrap via our website.
Our website displays our entire product range of shrink wrap film rolls, including prices for shrink wrap and the delivery services that we offer.
You can also ask us any question about shrink wrap or shrink film through our website, and we will respond within 24 hours.

How do I know if my order for shrink wrap has been received?

We will send you an initial email upon receipt of your shrink wrap order and a second email at the point the shrink wrap is actually despatched. You will be able to monitor the progress of your shrink film orders by clicking on My Account.

Can I place an order for shrink wrap from overseas?

Yes. Customers from abroad can both register, set up an account and place an order, as long as the order is for delivery in the UK and Northern Ireland (excluding BFPO addresses). VAT will be applicable to such orders.

Do you deliver shrink wrap overseas?

Unfortunately not. We deliver shrink film to mainland UK (excluding BFPO addresses). Please see our Delivery Details page.

How much shrink wrap film do I need to order?

There is no minimum order quantity or value. Most of our rolls of shrink film are sold individually, although occasionally some are sold in pairs, or in given pack quantities.

Can I get better prices for larger quantities of shrink film?

Most of our shrink wrap products have prices that are discounted in accordance with the quantity of shrink film purchased. Whenever you order shrink film online, you will automatically be charged the lowest applicable price in relation to the size of your order.

What if I cannot see exactly what I am looking for?

We urge you to Contact Us directly for any shrink wrap product enquiry and we will answer you within 24 hours.

Can I open an account to buy shrink film?

Yes - we ask all customers to create an account, by registering their company details. By creating an account with us, we can ensure that ordering shrink film in the future is much simpler.

Once an account has been created next time you re-visit our website you login with your email address and unique password and your account details will automatically presented to you. You will be able access to your entire shrink wrap purchasing history should you wish. We assure you that all information we receive, remains a matter of absolute confidentiality between you and Shrinkstore only.

Payment And Invoices For Shrink Wrap Film Products

Is it possible to open a credit account?

Unfortunately not - we have a very broad shrink film product range, with immediate availability, at extremely competitive prices. We require payment prior to the despatch of any goods, and this can be done through a wide variety of debit/credit cards.
An invoice will be attached to the goods you have ordered once the item has been despatched.

How do I pay for rolls of shrink film and shrink wrap products?

We accept all major credit and debit cards. Your card will only be debited after we have checked shrink wrap stocks and despatched your goods. Also, you can choose to pay by cheque, BACS or over the phone. After adding your order to the shopping cart, select "Order Now" and all the available payment options will be displayed.

When do I pay for shrink wrap goods?

We require payment prior to dispatching the shrink wrap goods. For credit or debit card payments, you will be asked to enter your card details as you checkout. Your card will only be debited after we have checked stocks and despatched your goods.

When will I receive an invoice for shrink films and shrink wrap products?

As we receive payment for goods prior to dispatch, we will automatically email an "order confirmation" at the end of the ordering process. Once the goods are despatched, we will email an invoice to you.

Can I get a copies of invoices for previous shrink wrap orders?

An invoice will be emailed to you after the shrink wrap goods have been despatched, but if you require a further copy, please let us know through our Contact Us option, and will be happy to email another.

Shrink Wrap Film Delivery & Returns

How much is delivery for rolls of shrink wrap film?

This is determined by the value of your shrink wrap film order, and the time scale within which you would like to receive it. You can refer to our Delivery Details page for a full breakdown, although this calculation will be displayed during the order process.

Which delivery service do you use?

We use a combination of couriers, depending on what, and where we are to deliver. We consider it to be of extreme importance to deliver your goods exactly in accordance with the service you have selected, and you can be assured that we use only well established and well proven carrier companies to achieve this.

Can I collect my order?

Whilst we are fully able to supply our shrink film materials throughout the UK, we are an online business only, and it is not possible for you to collect from our warehouses.

Can I get a timed delivery?

Yes, this is possible to some degree, but for detailed information, please refer to our Delivery Details page.

What is Shrinkstore's returns policy?

Please read our Returns Policy page.

Security & Privacy

Is Shrinkstore secure?

Buying online through Shrinkstore is extremely secure, and we have undertaken various measures in order to ensure this. All payment transactions are carried out over an SSL 128-bit encrypted secure connection. We do this using the latest industry standard technology. The padlock symbol (at the bottom of your browser window) confirms this level of encryption. If you click on this, you will see our secure certificate, meaning that your data is visible only to us.

How are my delivery details stored?

When you register online you will be asked to enter your details, in terms of your invoice and delivery addresses. This is to save time when placing future orders, and to offer you the opportunity to rview previous purchases. This information is stored on our secure database, and will not be disclosed any third parties. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for further information.

Does the shrinkstore keep records of card details?

No. All credit card details are automatically and securely transmitted directly to the bank. Shrinkstore does not hold any credit card or other payment details of our customers.

What is the Shrinkstore’s privacy policy?

Please refer to this directly on our Privacy Policy page.

Can I return items?

If you order the wrong product or change your mind, you can return it to us within 15 days. Please refer to our Returns Policy for page for more details.

What are your terms and conditions?

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions page.

About Us - Shrinkstore.co.uk

Who are the Shrinkstore?

For full details about Shrinkstore, please read our About Us page.

Where is Shrinkstore located?

Shrinkstore is located in Stanmore, Middlesex, at the southern branch of S Kempner Limited.

Do you have any other branches of Shrinkstore in the UK?

Whilst we do not have other branches, we hold an unrivalled quantity of shrink wrap stock, and with our extremely efficient carrier network, can dispatch shrink film goods to anywhere in the UK, at very short notice.

Deliveries by couriers

Our couriers will deliver between 8 am and 5.30 pm on working days. The courier will require a signed confirmation of receipt, and this should be from a responsible nominated person within your organisation. If there are any problems with the delivery, this must be noted to the courier at the point of delivery, and written notification given on the courier’s documentation, or alternatively the delivery should be declined. You must also notify Shrinkstore at the first opportunity, of any problems in order for any claim to be upheld.

Out of stock situations

In the unlikely event we encounter a problem with your order because of a stock shortage we will immediately contact you to discuss an alternative option. Naturally, any payment would be declined by us, and only accepted with your agreement once you had been satisfied.

Free next-day delivery terms

Orders that reach us before 3.00 pm on a working day will be despatched on the same day, excluding the following remote postcodes: BD23, BD24, HG3,LA18, LA20, LD1, LD2, LD3, LD4, LD5, LD6, LN4, LN10, SY25, which may take slightly longer.

If you are outside of our standard delivery areas, but would still like to order, please use our Contact Us section, before you order, and we will be delighted to offer a price for delivery.