Shrink Film Guide

*Please have your pack dimensions to hand – length, width and height.*

There are 3 steps to this process:

  1. Select shrink film type
  2. Select shrink film thickness
  3. Select shrink film width

STEP 1.)

Select the type of shrink film you wish to buy: PVC film, Polyolefin film or LLDPE Pallet Stretch Wrap Film?

There are three types of shrink film you can buy PVC Shrink film, Polyolefin Shrink film and LLDPE Pallet Stretch Wrap Film.

Once you have determined whether you would wish to use PVC or Polyolefin (our faqs page can assist you to do this), this section will help you establish the film size that is best for your application, including thickness, width, and number of rolls needed for your job. Of course, you are always welcome to contact us for any advice on Shrink wrap films.

STEP 2.)

Select the shrink film thickness?

You can buy shrink wrap film in the following thicknesses;

12.5/13 microns, 15 microns, 17 microns, 19 microns, 21 microns and 35/38 microns.

Generally the thinner the shrink film the better – or rather you should use the thinnest gauge of shrink wrap that will be strong enough to properly wrap your pack. This makes sense from a costing point of view, and not least from an environmental perspective where we advocate as much source reduction in packaging materials as possible.

Thinnest Shrink Films

12.5/13 micron shrink films are the thinnest shrink films available. It will suit packs where the shrink film is supported i.e. not creating a “window” over part of the pack.

Shrink Films For Heavier And Larger Packs

15, 17 and 19 microns shrink wrap will be proportionally stronger – for a heavier, larger pack.

21- 25 microns shrink wrap will allow you to wrap collations of packs.

35/38 micron shrink film material is quite exceptionally demanded for large and heavy packs, that require excellent presentation.

Please note

That you do need to test your packs through the distribution and sales routes to ensure that the application of the shrink film is successful

The cost of shrink film per pack will increase in direct proportion to the shrink film's thickness.

STEP 3.)

Select shrink film width?

Shrink film width is calculated by adding the width and height of the pack together, increasing this figure by 10% and adding 60 mm for the necessary scrap.

As shrink film widths are normally incremented at 5cm per time, you should round up the figure if the width you calculate falls between the increment section.

Calculating The Number Of Shrink Wrapped Packs

Per Roll Of Shrink Film

To calculate the number the number of shrink wrapped packs from you chosen roll, add the height and length together, increase it by 10% and then divide this figure into the length of the roll.

The number of units you can wrap with a roll of shrink wrap, divided into its price will give you the individual cost of each pack.