LLDPE Pallet Stretch Wrap Film

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LLDPE hand pallet wrap reels can be used in any part of the manufacturing or distribution process. Our pallet stretch wrap allows a user to secure a pallet load quickly at a particularly low cost. Applications are typically packing or cartons stacked on a pallet or irregularly shaped loads
At Shrinkstore we offer a choice of packs of LLDPE pallet stretch wrap for you to buy:
  • Starter Pack - 12 rolls LLDPE pallet stretch wrap (your transaction must consist of a Starter pack before you can purchase a Subsequent Pack)
  • Subsequent Pack - 6 rolls LLDPE pallet stretch wrap
For each purchase you make we would ask you to buy a minimum quantity of 12 rolls, as contained in our Starter Pack. If you wish to buy more than 12 rolls per transaction, you will then be able buy additional Subsequent Packs, each containing 6 rolls, to benefit from significantly lower roll prices (from £5.50 to £4.75 per roll excluding VAT).


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